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Fundamental Therapy Solutions has a small, dedicated staff of ABA Therapists to help you and your child overcome difficulties with learning, improve their quality of life, and more. Call to schedule your child's assessment today.

Darienne Boyden, BCBA 

Genevieve Cosentino, RBT

Lena Krone, RBT

Samuel Pohlenz, RBT

Isabella Martin, RBT

Jennifer Jay, RBT

Monina Reyes, RBT

Tori Bickmeyer, RBT

Regy Gonzalez, RBT

Margo Chatterjee, RBT

Meiko McDaniel, BCBA

Corrinne Jacoby, BCaBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst 


Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Registered Behavior Technician 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst 

Darienne is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who holds a Masters Degree from the University of South Florida in Applied Behavior Analysis. Darienne gained her foundational ABA experience during her undergraduate career at the University of Florida as a research assistant in the behavior analysis labs. Since then, she has worked across multiple settings such as home, schools, clinics, and the child welfare system and has functioned as an RBT, BCaBA, and now a BCBA. Her favorite part of her job is helping people through the use of evidence-based practices and seeing the growth and transformations that occur. Darienne lives in Gainesville with her partner and enjoys hiking and planning her next trip to one of USA’s great national parks!

Margo graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Florida. She has worked in the ABA field since 2019. Her experience includes working with children and adults with various mental health disorders who needed therapy. In her personal life, Margo loves spending time with her husband and son. Her favorite thing to do with them is to go on spontaneous adventures.
Her professional interests are in working with learners and their families and guiding them within the educational setting. She loves the impact ABA can make and she enjoys seeing them progress with skills being learned that can assist learners to function in their everyday lives. Margo seeks to learn more about ABA Therapy and enjoys being a part of FTS.

Genevieve is a Registered Behavior Technician and a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida. She is majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Disabilities in Society. Genevieve enjoys working with children of all ages, and she is specifically interested in helping kids with special needs meet their functional and communication goals. 

Isabella is a Registered Behavior Technician and is currently studying Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Florida. She enjoys working with children and playing an active role in their personal growth and development. Isabella spends her free time cooking and experimenting with new flavors.

Lena Krone is a Registered Behavior Technician at Fundamental Therapy Solutions. She is a sophomore at the University of Florida with a major in health science and a minor in disabilities in society. She hopes to attend occupational therapy school. She loves spending time with children and strives to make therapy creative and fun. In her free time she loves to create art, especially ceramics. 

Samuel Pohlenz works at Fundamental Therapy Solutions as an RBT. Samuel is also a student at Santa Fe College with plans on transferring to UF for a degree in OT or Counseling. His drive is to help people (kids and adults) succeed. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends playing sports and debating who is the best athlete in history.

Meiko is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who holds a Masters Degree from Arizona State University in Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis. Meiko has a background in special needs camping and is excited to provide creative scientifically supported programming for his clients. Meiko lives in Gainesville with his fiance and two pups. 

Corrinne Jacoby is currently a Board-Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) with Behavioral Learning Systems, Inc (BLS). She has been with BLS since April of 2016. She attended Saint Leo University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology/criminal justice and went on to attend the Florida Institute of Technology where she completed the BACB-approved course sequence and became certified as a BCaBA in October of 2018. She is currently finishing her master’s degree at Arizona State University in Special Education with emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis and will continue to obtain a doctoral degree in Behavior Management. She specializes in working with adults and early learners with developmental disabilities. She enjoys helping others and working to increase her client’s quality of life. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

Jenny has 4 years of experience as a Registered Behavior Technician, and aspires to be an Occupational Therapist in the very near future. Her passion has always been within the special needs community and facilitating both children and adults to accomplish their dreams.

Monina is a Registered Behavior Technician and a graduate from the University of Florida with her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with an emphasis on Behavior Analysis. She is pursuing joint Master’s degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis and intends to earn her PhD. Her passions in life include helping others, collecting vinyl records, exploring small towns’ coffee shops, watching sunsets, and loving on her two cats!

Tori is a Registered Behavior Technician with a sociology degree from UF. She intends to further her education in this field so that she can continue to help and care for families in her community!

Regy started working as an RBT at Fundamental Therapy Solutions in January of 2021. He attended USF Tampa and graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2014. He has worked in ABA across Gainesville, Tampa, and Atlanta for the past 6 years; gaining experience working with a variety of kids in the clinic, home, and community. He enjoys playing guitar and training his dog Jaxon in his free time. 

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