Psychological Therapy 

Our highly skilled team of psychologists provides assessment, counseling, consultation, and a wide array of personalized educational and therapeutic services to children with varying exceptionalities.

We strive to support each child's social, emotional, and behavioral growth through a warm and accepting counseling relationship. Individualized treatment is designed to promote wellness and resilience by reinforcing your child's communication and social skills, anger management, problem-solving, self-regulation, self-determination, and optimism. 

We specialize in assessments for:

•  ADHD 
•  Autism Spectrum Disorders 
•  Cognitive Skills as memory, executive functioning, and processing speed 
•  College Board Examination - SAT,ACT, and AP- Accommodations
•  Developmental delays in preschoolers
•  Eligibility for special education services or 504 plans 
•  Gifted and talented eligibility 
•  Intellectual disabilities
•  Kindergarten readiness 
•  Learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia
• Social, emotional and behavior functioning 
• Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Therapy provided by our psychologists:

• Bullying or difficulties with peers
• Concern over family matters such as divorce or death 
•Depression or anxiety 
• Difficulty controlling emotions, including anger
• Difficulty coping with medical issue or disabilities
• Ineffective study skills 
• Issues surrounding drugs and alcohol
• Issues surrounding sexuality 
• Issues with a variety of different cultures and backgrounds  
•Lack of understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses
• Life transitions such as staring a new school. leaving school, moving, etc. 
• School avoidance and more

"They are amazing with every single child that comes here,
the staff is super sweet."
- Tiffany C.