At Fundamental therapy Solutions, our skilled Speech-Language Pathologists will determine the best course of treatment for each individual child by synthesizing medical and developmental histories with in depth caregiver interviews, and specially selected standardized assessments. 

Our Areas of Expertise Include

•  Speech articulation and phonological disorders
•  Dysphagia (swallowing) and oral feeding disorder
•  Autism Spectrum Disorders
•  Augmentative and Alternative Communication
•  Expressive and receptive language disorders
•  Fluency (stuttering) disorders
•  Pragmatic and social language disorders
•  Reading and writing disorders (dyslexia)
•  Voice disorders

In addition to office-based appointments, we are contracted with many schools and daycare centers in the community to expand our services to children who might not otherwise receive services. 

" Absolutely love it here, my son is starting to communicate
not only with me but others as well ".
- LaTondra  M.