New Patient Info

At Fundamental Therapy Solutions, we want every visit to be successful.

•  Referral or prescription form from your child's pediatrician that includes the therapy requested, and a diagnosis code.

•  For Speech and Occupational Therapy, print and complete our New Patient Case History Form.

•  For Psychological Services, complete our Psychology Services Background Questionnaire. If you are an adult in need of services, click here.

•  Read our Notice of Privacy Practices.

•  Gather any previous evaluations or treatment information that would be helpful for your therapist.

What To Complete Before the First Visit

To be sure that your visits are covered by your insurance company, we recommend the following steps:

1. Contact your insurance company to determine if your therapy is covered; if it is, find out your limitations and exclusions.

2. Get all clarifications in writing from your plan administrator.

3. Keep records of all of your correspondence and phone calls, including the date, time, and name of the person you spoke to.

4. If your policy requires a referral, make sure we get it before your first appointment.

5. Notify us immediately if you change insurance companies.


We provide comprehensive, patient-oriented service to ensure that your child has the skills necessary to establish the highest quality of life possible.