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Fundamental Therapy Solutions has a small, dedicated staff of physical therapists to help you and your child overcome difficulties with learning, improve their quality of life, and more.
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Jo grew up in England and moved to the US in 1996 and worked in Indiana for 20+ years.
She has been a physical therapist for 37 years and the majority of that time has been spent working with children who have delays or disabilities.
She loves to see the progress kids make.
Outside of work she enjoy's silversmithing and crafting. She loves the outdoors - when it is cool enough! 

Yasoda graduated from Santa Fe College with an A.S degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant in 2018. Yasoda works part time at Fundamental Therapy Solutions and at The Orthopedic Institute. Prior to becoming a PTA she worked at a daycare center where she developed a fondness for working with children. She enjoy's traveling, playing soccer, and spending time with her family.

Chandi graduated from Santa Fe College with an A.S degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant in 2019. Prior to working at Fundamentals, Chandi was a caregiver for special need children and involved with Special Olympics and volunteered at Balance 180. In her free time she enjoys swimming, traveling, and spending time with her husband and many pets."

 Charlee is a recent graduate of Tulsa Community College. She grew up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma,
but now lives in Broken Arrow with her husband and stepson. She loves baking, playing board
games, and movie nights with her family. Charlee’s first career was as a table games dealer for
almost 9 years at a local casino, but she’s always felt a calling to help people. It was after her
niece suffered a devastating injury that Charlee first considered physical therapy as a profession.
She was surprised to discover just how much working in hospitality prepared her to work in
healthcare. Charlee uses those social skills to get to know clients, in order to build trust and
motivate them. Pediatrics seemed like a natural choice for her, because she loves to be goofy!
Charlee can often be heard singing made-up songs or doing silly sound effects

Joanne Poole , PT

Yasoda  Rodriguez , PTA

Chandi Johnson , PTA

Charlee Nussbaum , PTA  (Oklahoma Location)

Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapy Assistant

We provide comprehensive, patient-oriented service to ensure that your child has the skills necessary to establish the highest quality of life possible.